The origin and born of Cat woman

The world has always been manipulated by the evil and good forces. Where the evil forces want to take control over the world and do as wrong as possible, the good forces, on the contrary, come to the world to finish the evil force and establish peace in the world. Balancing the characters of evil and good forces, the DC comics has introduced a lot of super characters which main aim is to establish peace in the world. However, among the many popular characters of the DC comics, cat woman is one of them. The real name of the cat woman is Selina Kyle, who is very strong willed and independent in the character. The character of the cat woman is created by Bob Kane and Bill's finger together.


Though there are many versions of the cat woman where the origin of the cat woman has been depicted in different ways, common story line indicates that she was born in a slum. Brian Kyle and Maria Kyle were her parents. Her mother was frustrated poor woman who used to spend her most of the time with her cats than her daughters and her father was an abusive drunken man who used to abuse her mother every night. Selina was frustrated and got admitted into the gym to take fitness lesson to avoid the domestic violence. One day her mother committed suicide and her father died after few days for over drinking alcohol. In this situation, she left the home and start living on the streets. Soon she started stealing food from the shop and one day she caught and sent to the orphanage. As she was grown up, she became the prostitute at the day time and at night she became the thief. She stole expensive stuff from the museum, rich people’s home, and the other places. Once while stealing the thing from a museum, a ninja interrupted her act and took the stolen thing from her. Following the ninja, she reached to a warehouse where the ninja introduced Selina to his sensei. Selina then started taking the lesson from the Sensei and became the master in martial art.

One day in a news she heard about the Batman. The Batman was last seen in the Robinson Park that night. She thought to follow the Batman and reached to the park. In the park, she found Batman in an injured condition. Seeing the costume of the Batman she thought of wearing the costume and continue stealing again. From her savings, she made a costume of Catwoman and this is how the Catwoman character was born. You can know more history and the reviews of the Catwoman in the Gotham archives.

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